The Ridiculous Discography

"A lot of people write trying to keep track of all the fucking records we put out.
I can't even remember."
- Lance Hahn, 1995

If you know anything about J Church, you've probably heard about their intensive release schedule. It goes in phases and has slowed over the years but there's still an awful lot of records out there with their name on. For that reason, if you have something that's not listed or can add detail to what's here, please get in touch.

References in these pages to 'Lance's original J Church website' mean the one that existed at from around 1994-6, not either of the Honey Bear Records sites that he's had.


7" singles

Alone At Night
Amarillo, Azul Y Verde
A Million Broken Stereos
Analysis, Yes Very Nice EP
Empty Soda Can (by Cilantro)
Half And Half
Ivy League College
Kittums In A Coma
Lama Temple
Leni Riefenstahl's Tinder Box
My Favorite Place
My Favourite Place EP
No-One Has A Future
Prophylaxis bonus 7"
She Has No Control
She Never Leaves The Neighbourhood
She Said She Wouldn't Sacrifice
The Dramatic History Of A Boring Town
The Precession Of Simulacra • The Map Precedes The Territory
This Song Is For Kathi
Tide Of Fate
Travels In Hyper-Reality
Turn To Stone
Undisputed King Of Nothing
V.M. Live Presents J Church
Waiting On The Ground
Yellow, Blue And Green
Your Shirt


split singles

Fuck You. I'm Craig And It's My Birthday
Grin And Bear It EP
J Town Revisited
Keskideez Volume 1
Split 7" with Annalise
Split 7" with Discount
Split 7" with Flamingo 50
Split 7" with Fluf
Split 7" with Garden Variety (never released)
Split 7" with Less Than Jake
Split 7" with Minority Blues Band #1
Split 7" with Minority Blues Band #2
Split 7" with Nails Of Hawaiian
Split 7" with Petrograd
Split 7" with Restos Fosiles
Split 7" with Serpico
Split 7" with Small 23
Split 7" with The Plungers
Split 7" with Wat Tyler #1
Split 7" with Wat Tyler #2
This Is Fucked, This Is Shit
We Are Bacteria



Altamont 99 (singles collection #3)
Arbor Vitae
Camels, Spilled Corona And The Sound Of Mariachi Bands (singles collection #1)
Cat Food
Invitation To Inevitable
Meaty, Beaty, Shitty Sounding (singles collection #4)
Nostalgic For Nothing (singles collection #2)
One Mississippi
Seishun Zankoku Monogatari
Society Is A Carnivorous Flower
Soul Patch And Cho Chos
Split LP with Discount
Split CD / LP with Storm The Tower
The Drama Of Alienation
The Ecstasy Of Communication
The Horror Of Life
Whorehouse: Songs And Stories
You Think You're Cool


compilation albums

1157 Wheeler Avenue: A Memorial For Amadou Diallo
17 Reasons - The Mission District
3 Chord Rocket Science
400 Day Headache
ABCs Of Punk
Better Read Than Dead
Carry On Sabbing
Cool Beans zine #5
Cool Beans zine #11
Cool Beans zine #12
Damaged Goods Sampler
Ear Of The Dragon
Faux Pas Potpourri
Five Years On The Streets
Grease: The Not So Original Soundtrack
Grunge 101%
Grunge 102%
Hang 10
Hello: A Wyndel Records Compilation
Honest Don's Dirty Dishes
Honest Don's Greatest Shits

Honest Don's Welcome Wagon
How 2B Punk, Volume 1
Invasion Of The Indie Snatchers
Killed By Crackle!
Lunch With A Bouncing Space Vol. II
Mailorder Is Fun!
Marc's A Dick And Gar's A Drunk: The Johann's Face Story
More RPMs Than Floyd On A Scooter (promo)
Music For The Proletariat
New Disorder Soda
No Idea zine #11
Ox zine #25
Ox zine #32
P101 zine V.4
Peel Out In The States Programs 11 & 12 (radio broadcast CD)
Powerflush - San Francisco, Seattle And You
Rejected Volume 2
Return Of The Read Menace
Shreds Volume 1: The Best of American Underground Rock 1993
Smash Ignorance Up!
Songs For The Brokenhearted
Sorry, Just A Stupid Foreigner, This (promo)
Surface Meets Surface
Surprise Your Pig
The Big Fix
The Big Giveaway (promo)
The Winterfresh Revolution
The Year Of The Rat

Totally Damaged: Damaged Goods Sampler v.2
Viva La Vinyl
VM Live Presents ... Vol. 4
West X North South
Wood Panel Racer Wagon With Mags
World Famous Kintama Boxers

Coming soon.


compilation albums

Punk Pukin' Fuckin' Shit
Reading Festival 1997


Other bands who include(d) past and present members of J Church: Cringer, Monsula, Nothing Cool, Severed Head Of State and more.