Cat Food

Cat Food album cover

Release Notes:

Damaged Goods Records, LP / CD, 1998

Band members:

Lance (guitar/vocals), Gardner (bass), Adam / Andee (drums), Harriet Scott / Manda Rin (additional vocals)


The Heroic Trio
Sound Guy Smiley
My Favorite Place
More Faye
All Girl Band
The Versace Killer
Asha Blake
City By The Bay
A Well Earned Reputation
Violent Motions Created
Turn To Stone

More info:

Not quite a 'proper' J Church album, this features a mixed bag of seven new tracks, four re-recorded and one - Violent Motions Created - rescued from compilation album obscurity. With a few days off around the time of their Reading Festival performance, much of the album was recorded in a single afternoon at RMS Studios in south London, where the Damned had recorded Machine Gun Ettiquette. The session produced all the originals (except Asha Blake), five Electric Light Orchestra covers, of which Turn To Stone appears here, and the re-worked, re-titled (I Want To See) Faye Wong. That song was previously on the split 7" with Discount, where it was recorded to 8-track. The new version was named 'More' simply because it is a fuller recording.

My Favorite Place gets its third re-working, this time with additional vocals from Harriet Scott. L.A. and A Well Earned Reputation are harder versions of the tracks from Travels In Hyper-Reality.

Harriet additionally sings on The Heroic Trio and Turn To Stone. Manda Rin from Bis is also on those two, as well as All Girl Band and The Versace Killer. Adam drums on Violent Motions Created and the two Travels... re-workings, Andee plays on the rest.

The title continues Lance's love affair with all things feline - see Kittums In A Coma, the My Favorite Place lyrics and much more.