Analysis, Yes Very Nice

Analysis, Yes Very Nice CD coverAnalysis, Yes Very Nice 10" cover

Release Notes:

Allied Recordings, CD, 1995; one-sided 10" Picture Disc, 1997

Band members:

Lance (guitar/vocals), Gardner (bass), Reed (drums)


At The Cannery
Analysis, Yes, Very Nice
Radical Chic
You Fucking Trick
Beverly Hills
Kill Your Boss

More info:

J Church's 'garage' EP, all recorded to 8-track at the same time as the Arbor Vitae sessions. The CD track list states that Zero=Zero is track four but it actually forms the first half of track five and segues seemlessly into Beverly Hills, which is a Circle Jerks song from their Group Sex album. The uncredited fourth track - which was never actually meant to appear on here - is You Fucking Trick, a little over two minutes of noise in the style of Nirvana's Endless, Nameless, with Lance swearing at the top of his voice at some unfortunate individual. This was the band's last release on Allied and according to Lance, it was a "going away present".