Camels, Spilled Corona And The
Sound Of Mariachi Bands

Camels, Spilled Corona And The Sound Of Mariachi Bands album coverCamels, Spilled Corona And The Sound Of Mariachi Bands picture disc

Release Notes:

Broken Rekids, LP / Picture Disc / Cassette / CD (two pressings), 1993
Damaged Goods Records, LP / CD, 1993. Some copies on marble-effect vinyl.

Band members:

Lance (guitar/vocals), Gardner (bass), Aaron / Adam (drums), Blake (backing vocals)


Katrina And Paul
Girl In A Magazine
Favorite Phrase
Sound Of Mariachi Bands
Had It Right

More info:

From Lance's original J Church website: "Man, this was a problem release. Now, I can't totally remember what went wrong with the Broken Rekids version. As seems to be usual with Mike's releases, the covers or something got fucked up and it came out a month after Quetzalcoatl rather than before it like it was supposed to. This was basically a singles collection of everything prior to Quetzalcoatl. It was licensed to Damaged Goods in Britain and was to come out in time for our European tour. It got lost in the mail and we were able to get it just in time to take copies home. Despite that, it's probably our best-selling release as it came out on all formats (only cassette release so far). Only unreleased song was Had It Right which we recorded with Mariachi Bands with Adam on drums.

"First pressing of the CD came with a booklet which became a fold out on later pressings. Three different prints on the actual CD face. The first pressing was one color of Edgar Allen Poe. The second of some weird drawing of a bird Gardner was into. The Damaged Goods version was a black and white version of the cover photo. I don't remember where this came from. All other photos were from a book on Durrutti and the Anarchists in the Spanish Civil War.

"The Camels... CD mentions three songs being on an Australian-only 7". Well, that thing never really happened. Our friend Marek wanted to do a single and it just never materialised despite me sending him three songs and cover art. In an attempt to make this material somewhat available, it later became most of the Half And Half 7"."

Admittedly the above was written in 1994, but Mike at Broken Rekids would like it to be known that he's only had 2 releases delayed (up to the start of 2003), rather than Lance's "as usual" comment above.

The singles and compilation appearances collected on this album are:

17 Reasons - The Mission District
J Town Revisited
She Said She Wouldn't Sacrifice
Surprise Your Pig
This Is Fucked, This Is Shit
This Song Is For Kathi

The cassette had its own packaging, including a photo of some graffiti written in Paris in 1968, "Societe est un fleur carnivore". Translated into English as "Society is a carnivorous flower", it re-emerged as the title of J Church's sixth album.

Aaron drums on everything except Adam's pair of songs mentioned above. Blake sings back-ups on Kathi and Favorite Phrase.