Split 7" with Wat Tyler #2

Split 7" with Wat Tyler #2 cover


Release Notes:

Suspect Device Records, 7", 1997. 500 pressed.

Band members:

Lance (guitar/vocals), Gardner (bass), Reed (drums)


J Church - Crop Circles
J Church - Alone When She Dies

Wat Tyler - Go Buddy Go
Wat Tyler - Freebird

More info:

Released to promote the two bands' September / October 1997 UK tour. The covers are all individually hand-designed. To be exact, the sleeves originally belonged to a 7" called We Love You by Menswear, a crap British indie band who had lots of hype and precious few record sales - hence all the available covers. Each was adapted with handwritten stickers on the front for the band names and on the back for the track list and record label address, all in various bright colours. DIY or what?

The J Church tracks on here are different (probably demo) versions to those on The Drama Of Alienation, possibly from the same sessions as the tracks on the split 7" with Restos Fosiles. Though Reed played on the recording, by the time of the tour he'd been replaced by Andee.

Wat Tyler contribute two covers. The first was originally by the Stranglers; the insert claims it's "A warning never to go to a hash party in Hamburg when you hate The Stranglers and don’t take drugs". Freebird is the Lynyrd Skynyrd song done in Wat's usual inimitable style.