17 Reasons - The Mission District

17 Reasons - The Mission District compilation cover

Release Notes:

Mission Merchants Records, triple 7" box set, 1992

Band members:

Lance (guitar/vocals), Gardner (bass), Adam (drums)


Bedlam Rovers - Corner Store
J Church - The Sound of Mariachi Bands
Jawbreaker - Kiss The Bottle
Steel Pole Bath Tub - Down All the Days
Strawman - Ballast
Timco - Blackout

More info:

From Lance's original J Church website: "My friend Lydia and I had this idea of putting out a tribute record to the neighbourhood we all lived in. Love it or hate it, there's no place like the Mission. Best food, best second hand stores, culturally diverse, best bands. This comp was a three 7" box set. Our song was recorded with Adam from Jawbreaker on drums. Brendan had just joined and promptly broke his arm in a skateboarding accident. He used to skate pro... REALLY. Our tune was my version of Billy Joel's Piano Man. Recorded and mixed all in one day. Too bad it's gone forever."