Split 7" with Fluf

Split 7" with Fluf - J Church coverSplit 7" with Fluf - Fluf cover

Split 7" with Fluf - J Church cover #2

Release Notes:

Goldenrod Records, 7", 1996. Varied packaging.

Band members:

Lance (guitar/vocals), Gardner (bass), Reed (drums)


J Church - If We Wait...
J Church - Contempt For Modesty

Fluf - Assmunch

More info:

From Goldenrod's now-deceased website: "Fluf and J Church are happy to help you beautify your house, jacket, neighborhood, and the world with the new SuperStencil Cover from Goldenrod. This record cover serves a dual purpose: besides being a stencil which can be used for spray painting Fluf's and J Church's logo all over everything in sight, it also protects two new J Church songs and the first recorded song by Fluf since Josh Higgins joined the band. On the J Church side we've got a cover of Guided By Voices' If We Wait..., an upbeat song with some good ol' J Church harmonizing [and] Contempt For Modesty, a great song played at high speed and high intensity in typical J Church fashion. Fluf comes with their first venture into the studio with a song called Assmunch, about the perceptions of certain bands simply because of the labels they release their records on. A crunchy little (chocolate coated) number."

The yellow on the scans above is a plain card insert showing through the stencil. Some copies came with a bright red insert instead. The bottom picture, apparently in a blueish sleeve, has a sticker that reads: "New Fluf, J Church split 7" stencil. Whip out a can of spray paint and a t-shirt and barge at will". Most copies are on regular black vinyl but I have heard of some on lavender-coloured vinyl.