V.M. Live Presents... Vol. 4

V.M. Live Presents... Vol. 4 compilation cover

Release Notes:

V.M. Live, CD, 1999

Band members:

Lance (guitar/vocals), Gardner (bass), Reed (drums)


J Church - Lama Temple
J Church - Fascist Radio
J Church - Foreign Films
J Church - Why I Liked Bikini Kill
J Church - No Surprise
J Church - November

Sicko - Where I Live
Sicko - Inland Empire Strikes Back
Sicko - Escalator
Sicko - I Hate Big Deal People
Sicko - The Dateless Losers
Sicko - Kathy's Dance
Naked Aggression - Right Now
Naked Aggression - Revolt
Naked Aggression - Killing Floor
Naked Aggression - Time Bomb
Naked Aggression - Under 18
Naked Aggression - Kids In America
Young Pioneers - Great White Hope
Young Pioneers - Pioneers Liberation Radio
Young Pioneers - Lovers On Trial
Young Pioneers - Love Song From The...
Young Pioneers - International Section
Young Pioneers - (At The Time Of The) Cease Fire

More info:

One of quite a few compilations of the various VML live 7"s. Most of the series - including all of the above - were recorded at the Fireside Bowl, Chicago: J Church on 14 July '95; Naked Aggression on 15 October '95; Sicko on 23 March '96; Young Pioneers on 30 May '96. See the 7" page for more info on the J Church tracks. The other recordings aren't much different. The tracklist on the back cover puts Young Pioneers ahead of Naked Aggression but it plays in the order above.