Slanted album cover

Release Notes:

Snuffy Smile Records, CD, 1999

Band members:

Lance (guitar/vocals), Gardner (bass), Adam / Andee / Reed (drums)


Transmission 02/01/95
Parkas And Flags
Parts Unknown
The Heroic Trio
Simple Gesture
San Francisco Thespians Part 2
Without A Single Word
If We Wait....
Transmission 06/09/93
Undisputed King Of Nothing
Crop Circles
You're On Your Own
Desperation Every Other Night
You Feel Like A Fool
(John Peel speech)
Best Served Cold
What Should I Do?
City By The Bay
Transmission 10/01/95

More info:

A Japanese release mixing a selection of tracks from the My Favourite Place EP, Cat Food, Drama Of Alienation and Whorehouse... albums, plus one each from Arbor Vitae and the split 7"s with Discount and Fluf.

The Transmissions are samples from the Conet Project, a multi-CD set of intercepted recordings of 'number stations' - shortwave radio transmissions from around the world that are reputedly run by various intelligence agencies. Further samples were used on One Mississippi's Stars Are Exploding. For more information visit the Conet Project home page and/or this informative review of the CDs.

The 'John Peel speech' is a sample of the legendary BBC Radio DJ talking in 1994 about Good Judge Of Character being the "Yank sizzler for the week" and a "pop sensation". Lance's comment on this is here.

All the song titles and lyrics are in Japanese - in fact, the only words of English on this are the band name, album title and the label name and address.