Altamont '99

Altamont '99 CD cover

Release Notes:

Au-Go-Go Records, CD, 1998

Band members:

Lance (guitar/vocals), Gardner (bass), Adam / Reed (drums)


I Would For You
Transvestite Show
Your Shirt
Without A Single Word
Church On Fire
Girlfriend In A Coma
Mary's Moving Out
You Fucking Trick
The Dramatic History Of A Boring Town
Waiting on the Ground
Ayn Rand is Dead
College Station
Undisputed King Of Nothing
Snot Rags
I Have to Admit...
If We Wait...
Contempt for Modesty
Faye Wong
What Should I Do?
You Might Never
Crop Circles
Alone When She Dies

More info:

Picking up the J Church story from where Nostalgic For Nothing left off, this compilation mostly spans the years 1995-7, collecting tracks from the following singles:

Split 7" with Discount (with slightly amended song titles)
Split 7" with Fluf
Split 7" with Less Than Jake (with You May Never re-titled)
Split 7" with Wat Tyler #2
The Dramatic History Of A Boring Town (though not Back To Hawaii)
Undisputed King Of Nothing
Waiting on the Ground

Also included are the two songs exclusive to the LP version of Arbor Vitae and the three from the Kittums In A Coma 7", which are old enough to have qualified for the earlier compilation and on which Adam plays drums. For some reason, Church On Fire is also included, though it wasn't on a single and was on both the CD and LP of Arbor Vitae. More convenient than tracking down all those 7"s, but perhaps not quite as fun. On the other hand, most of the songs were remixed and remastered for this CD - and those versions are unique to this release - so why not get both?