Palestine album cover

Release Notes:

Honey Bear Records, CD, 2002

Band members:

Lance (guitar/vocals), Gardner(?) (bass), Andee / Adam? (drums)


Underground #1
The Star Hotel
At The Crossroads Of Hell
Star Of The Show
The State Of Things
Sam Rivers
Underground #2
Jazz Butcher On A Work Night
Not Proud Of The USA
Dora And Lili
The Legend Of Rita
Underground #3

More info:

This album comprises a collection of demos and other recordings, mostly from 1997, that were being worked on for the follow up album to The Drama Of Alienation. Due to a lengthy tour, Gardner leaving the band and then Lance's illness, that release never happened. Jazz Butcher... and Tricky were then supposed to be released in 2001 on the second Cilantro 7", but that also failed to appear. Some parts were re-recorded, re-mixed or otherwise added to in 2002. The CD booklet says that Palestine was planned to be the first in a series of 'from the vaults' releases but it's likely Lance's house fire ended that idea.

Due to the timescale of the recordings, it's not possible to confirm who - other than Lance - plays on this. Gardner probably took part in the original recordings but Lance would almost certainly have played any subsequent bass parts. Both Adam and Andee played on J Church tours and records around this time and so could have been involved in these songs, but Reed could even be on there somewhere.

The three Underground tracks are loop and sample pieces in the vein of Asphyxia By Submersion - the speakers were members of the Weather Underground, who were still on the run at the time of those recordings. The other tracks are a mixture of the complete range of J Church styles, from scratchy, Neil Young-esque acoustics (including a stolen riff from his Powderfinger at 3:48 of The State Of Things) to two-minute pop-punk blasts. Not Proud Of The USA was originally by The Mice.

Lance doesn't generally explain his songs but on this occasion he did so in detail in Newsletter 10.9.