Kittums In A Coma

Kittums In A Coma 7" cover - Humble Records versionKittums In A Coma 7" cover - Broken Rekids version

Release Notes:

1) Word Of Mouth Records, white vinyl 7", 1993. 1,000 pressed.
2) Possible re-issue: Humble Records, 7", 1994 (see below)
3) Re-issue: Broken Rekids, 7", 1995(?)

Band members:

Lance (guitar/vocals), Gardner (bass), Adam (drums)


Girlfriend In A Coma

More info:

From Lance's original J Church website: "It sure seems like it took a long time for this to come out. Recorded in L.A. on the last day of our first US tour, this single was chaos. Two covers of Creep by Radiohead and Girlfriend In A Coma by the Smiths (who are the greatest band of all time). One original which stretched way back to our very first few songs. Okay, emo lyrics and our most Hüsker-sounding tune of all. What can I say? Missy did the cover art and Bobby at Humble just sort of replaced it without us having much control. White vinyl."

In the insert to the Prophylaxis album, he added: "Includes cover versions of the Smiths and Radiohead. More of a tribute to a kitty with a big head than any of those bands."

Two, possibly three versions of this single have been released:

1) The original was the last release on Word Of Mouth Records before it changed its name to Humble Records due to copyright problems. The catalogue number (etched on the record) is WOM-005. My copy includes a Humble sticker and issue #3 of Bobby Is Fred zine, which featured a Jawbreaker interview and a long piece on major labels who run 'scam' indie labels to get credibility. That latter feature also appeared in MRR.

2) A distro list also included in my copy lists the single with the catalogue number HUM-005. However, I can't confirm if this was purely for internal reasons or if any copies were actually pressed with that new number. The catalogue number doesn't appear anywhere else on the packaging.

3) The final version, on Broken Rekids, was on plain black vinyl and carried Missy's original cover art. Lance's text above, written before the Broken version was issued, had ended: "We'll see if more come out ...".

The single's name came from a one-off zine called Kittums - all about cats, of course - done by Lance's friend Missy.