Society Is A Carnivorous Flower

Society Is A Carnivorous Flower album cover

Release Notes:

No Idea Records, LP / CD, 2004. All LPs on blue vinyl.

Band members:

Lance (guitar/vocals), David (guitar), Ben (bass), Chris (drums)


Keep Smiling America
Tree House of Love
Austin's Shitty Limits
Society Is A Carnivorous Flower

More info:

The sixth 'proper' J Church album and the first full-length to feature a four-piece band line-up. The name is taken from graffiti that appeared during the workers' and students' strikes and protests in Paris in May 1968. A picture of it appeared way back in 1993 on the cassette version of the Camels, Spilled Corona... singles collection. Click here for a picture of the graffiti (not the whole cassette cover).

The title track is 15 minutes long and takes up the whole of side two of the LP. It's about the events of Paris '68 and is in part a tribute to the Subhumans' epic Cradle To The Grave - technically one long song but split into many smaller, distinctive components. Tree House Of Love is about Andee, a former J Church drummer who lived in a tree house in Portland.