Split 7" with Discount

Split 7" with Discount cover - J Church sideSplit 7" with Discount cover - Discount side

Release Notes:

Liquid Meat Records, 7", 1996

Band members:

Lance (guitar/vocals), Gardner (bass), Reed (drums)


J Church - (I Want To See) Faye Wong
J Church - What Will I Do

Discount - It's Been Years
Discount - Successfully Delerious

More info:

Both the J Church songs appear elsewhere under slightly different titles. The Altamont 99 singles collection lists the first track as Faye Wong (no prefix) and a possibly re-recorded version called More Faye is on the Cat Food album. The second song is called What Should I Do? on both Altamont 99 and Slanted.

Faye Wong is a Hong Kong-born singer and actor who has a vast following throughout south-east Asia and in Asian (and other) communities worldwide. She has released numerous albums and her fans call themselves Fayenatics. Although I'm fairly sure it's her on the front cover, for some reason there's also the picture of Audrey Hepburn from the You Think You're Cool compilation on the inside cover.

The Discount songs (in my opinion two of their best) were exclusive to this release until their singles compilations came out in 2002. The record label subsequently changed its name to renamed New American Dream, hence the link above.