Sleep 7" cover

Release Notes:

Rugger Bugger Records, one-sided 7", 1993

Band members:

Lance (guitar/vocals), Gardner (bass), Brendan (drums)


Cool Guitar Girl

More info:

From Lance's original J Church website: "This puppy was a one sided 7" for our good friends, Sean and Ben. Basically, recorded the same time as Quetzalcoatl, it was to be a normal single. But the songs were so short they figured we could sell it cheaper as a one-sided single.

"Sleep is about my old apartment on Sycamore Street. For a long time, Adam and Blake from Jawbreaker lived across the hall. These little kids downstairs somehow managed to start a full-on fire and Adam and Blake's front door was torn down in the effort to save the building. For the next few months, the apartment below was just a burnt out shell. Yeah, and the part about the junkies hanging out in the hall is totally true. They almost killed me one night when I complained about them playing one side of Black Sabbath's Master Of Reality over and over in some junkie dream world.

"The other song was a cover of Heavenly's Cool Guitar Boy, re-lyricised and re-titled. The cover photo was of Leon Czolgosz, the anarchist who assassinated President McKinley. The back photo was Spiderman. The front cover photo was used for our European Tour T-shirt."