Surprise Your Pig: A Tribute To R.E.M.

Surprise Your Pig: A Tribute To R.E.M. compilation cover

Release Notes:

Staplegun Records, LP / CD, 1992. 4,000 LPs pressed, 1,000 with yellow-vinyl 7",

Band members:

Lance (guitar/vocals), Gardner (bass), Aaron (drums)


Just Say No - Radio Free Europe
Band of Susans - 1,000,000
Gumball - Stumble
Steel Pole Bathtub - We Walk
Sampson And The Philistines - Talk About The Passion
Jawbreaker - Pretty Persuasion
J Church - Rockville
Phleg Camp - Feeling Gravity's Pull
Mr T. Experience - Can't Get There From Here
Flor de Mal - Good Advice
The Punchline - Bandwagon
When People Were Shorter And Lived Near The Water - I Believe
Vic Chestnutt - It's The End Of The World As We Known It (And I Feel Fine)
King Missile - Get Up
Tesco Vee's Hate Police - Losing My Religion
Jawbox - Low
Mitch Easter - Shiny Happy People

More info:

From Lance's original J Church website: "Yes, what a way to start your recording career. A piece of poop tribute record to R.E.M. I love R.E.M. and the compilation seemed like a good line-up. How were we to know that they would all be sending in their worst possible songs? We covered Rockville as I have fond memories of seeing the band on the Reckoning tour, October 31st 1984 in Honolulu, Hawaii. It was our first recording ever. I made up the back up vocals spontaneously in the studio... (A side note, I sing the shitty, hay fevered backing vocals on the Jawbreaker song). I don't know if this is still in print but it sucks anyway."

Lance's words in the sleevenotes: "I think I was a senior in high school when I saw R.E.M. It was Halloween of 1984 and I think they were on the Reckoning tour. I had a choice of R.E.M. or a hardcore show. I picked R.E.M. Thinking back it was probably the right choice."

The coloured-vinyl 7" that came with a quarter of the LPs didn't feature any extra songs, it just transplanted the Jawbreaker and Steel Pole Bathtub tracks.